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About us

It all started long ago, in 1983. As the deliveries of labels for domestic juices and rennet were usually late, so Momcilo Kojic and Radomir Raja Kojic, the owner of a printing shop, were loosing their patience and they got an idea of opening a printing shop. With the assistance of the only printer then in the area “Stamparija Bata Ika” from Svilajnac and one coffee-house story about a printing shop being on sale in Batocina, “Color” trade shop was founded.     As always, each new beginning is very hard; it was a completely unknown area for Radomir Raja Kojic, who started buying a screen printing machine, guillotine, die-cutter, copier, and one prepress camera.   The printing shop started to work officially on 2nd November 1983 and has continued its work until present day. When you take one step at a time and you are persistent in achieving your goals, then the success is inevitable. At the beginning of 1985 the first offset printing machine was bought and thus a real progress was made for the printing shop. The development from “Color” trade shop to “Kolor Pres” corporation occurred at the beginning of the nineties. Its working space grew from 750 m² into additional 2150 m² together with the increase of the number of its employed.   “Kolor Pres” takes today one of the leading places in graphic industry of Serbia. With 120 employees and a new technology we can fulfill and respond to all requirements of our buyers.